Quick and Easy Make-up Holder

Vanity for Make-up

Ok so you start off by cleaning out your junk make-up basket draw
or what ever and then lay it all out on a counter with room to make the board –
use an old ugly frame that you have or pick up from the thrift store then:

1. paint it with a brush or spray paint it and then glaze it.

2. Then pick up some metal from the hardware store and then cut it to fit inside my frame.
Then use spray adhesive to stick some fabric to the metal. Then put it all back together.

3.Then go to the dollar store and pick up a bunch of magnets and hot glue one to the back of each make-up container
(make sure to use as many of the magnets that you think you need for each product).
Don’t use to strong of a glue so you can tear it off when the make-up is empty and then you can reuse them.

4.Next get some plastic holders for your brushes and liners and so on and I would use the extra magnets on the containers.

5.Now hang it wherever you want and don’t forget you can use your imagination and use different color containers
and do whatever you want to make it your own fun idea/style!!!

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